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december 1, 2020

The fabric density can be used to calculate the effective fabric thickness assuming no voids. 77. Fabrics made with fibers of different densities will have difference in fabric appearance, flexibility, air permeability and cover. Thicker air layers within the apparel system provide greater thermal insulation and moisture resistance. grain/gallon [U.K.] However, we have a slight, but a super important anomaly when it comes to water. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. ounce/cubic foot [troy] milligram/millilitre The density is the mass per volume; so that 171.2 g/8.0 cm3 = 21.4 g/cm3. UPF values of 200, 40, 20 and 10 can be achieved with the percentage cover factors of 99.5, 97.5, 95 and 90, respectively (Pailthorpe and Chriskis, 1995). milligram/cubic centimetre 3 by 27679.9 All tests were made on fabric swatches, the measurements were repeated for ten different locations of the fabric samples and the average of these values was taken. The design method was to reduce the colour layer gradually from four layers of CMYK (the true colour effect) to none (a no colour layer). By doing so, 16 colour effects within one layout also were created. Fabric specific volume is an index of bulkiness or yarn compactness in the fabric in a three-dimension geometry expressed by the equation: where t is fabric thickness (m) and W is fabric weigh (g m−2). When thermal comfort is of concern, fabric thickness and fabric density will represent key structural attributes owing to their effects on thermal insulation by virtue of entrapping still air in the internal structure. This difficult combination was made possible by virtue of the fabric pattern and the use of finer yarns in the interlock pattern. ton/cubic yard [short] Last but not least, the fabric effects obtained through variant designs of simulative fabric cannot be copied by other means of artwork because of the inimitable digital fabric structure and its random colour expression. The digital image selected for design creation is the same as that of the basic design. 22.65 g/cm3. Fabric weight is measured in grams per square meter or grams/m2 (also abbreviated as GSM). The following factors need to be taken into account in order to help avoid this problem: use a needle with the smallest diameter possible for the fabric and seam being sewn; adapt the opening of the needle hole on the sewing plate to fit the needle size; use a sewing thread with the correct diameter for the needle eye; use the correct needle point for the type of fabric you are sewing; consider whether the type of seam that you are using to construct the garment could be changed or use multiple seaming in order to divide the strain; shank – the section that fits into the needle bar of the machine; long groove – the grooves that are channelled into the blade are designed as a protective channel for the sewing thread; short groove – some needle types have a short groove that runs from the scarf of the needle up to the shoulder (Fig. Specific Gravity (SG) is defined as the ratio of density of the material to the density of water (1 g/cm3) at a specified temperature. You can view more details on each measurement unit: g/cm3 or kg/cm3 The SI derived unit for density is the kilogram/cubic meter. Among these and other studies of psychological perception of clothing comfort, a list of sensory descriptors such as clammy, damp, wet, prickle, scratchy, sticky and tight were used to describe clothing comfort. megagram/litre tonne/cubic centimetre By doing so, the fabric created can exhibit various combined fabric effects. In Fig. 6.25, panel (a) shows the original fabric effect designed by the basic method of true-colour simulative fabric; (b) shows the fabric effect designed by slightly shifting individual layers of the compound structure; and (c) shows the results achieved by considerably shifting individual layers of the compound structure. These needle points are designed for sewing on many different fabric types and seams. Kothari and Sanyal10 stated that the three main areas that fiber and fabric developers focus on are functionality, comfort and aesthetic appeal. Later on, Wong et al.18 applied neural networks to predict clothing comfort in tight-fit garments. ounce/gallon [U.S.] Different aspects of clothing comfort have been studied for many years. In the case of terrycloth, a high variability in UPF exists due to irregularities in the fabric construction. megagram/millilitre An interesting fabric effect created by such a method is shown in Fig. 6.24 and in Appendix 3, section A3.3. David J. Spencer, in Knitting Technology (Third Edition), 2001. The density (more precisely, the volumetric mass density; also known as specific mass), of a substance is its mass per unit volume.The symbol most often used for density is ρ (the lower case Greek letter rho), although the Latin letter D can also be used. Osmium is the densest naturally occurring element, with a density of 22.59 g/cm3. Other structural attributes that can have a direct impact on the performance of traditional fibrous products include2 cover factor, fabric specific volume and fiber fraction. ounce/cubic yard 1,842 fabric density meter products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which testing equipment accounts for 1%, flow meters accounts for 1%. Ir. In general, different fabric styles (the technology factor) require different combinations of values of structural attributes. kilogram/millilitre Lightweight fabrics are suitable for underwear and summer items such as dresses and shirts. Analysis of the properties of the cloth beam regulator contributes to an understanding of the mechanisms for fabric take-up and for winding the woven fabric on the cloth roller. Some softener is transferred from the fabric to the needle, the needle thus being lubricated, which reduces the friction thereby lowering equilibrium needle temperature. This is called density (S.G) can be written as g/cm3. ton/cubic foot [short] There are 1,044 suppliers who sells fabric density meter on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia. Critical functions include thermal retention, ultraviolet light resistance, cooling capacity, sweat absorption, rapid drying, antibacterial properties and relaxation without fatigue. A high correlation exists between the UPF and the fabric porosity but is also influenced by the type of fibres. The more ingredients/particles in paint the more mass per unit of volume. ton/cubic inch [short] tonne/cubic decimetre about 0.65 cm3 g−1 for cotton and 0.75 cm3 g−1 for polyester), vfab is the specific volume of fabric and ε is a correction factor accounting for yarn compactness and yarn packing fraction.2. Made for you with much by CalculatePlus. Although the subjective sensations of WR and WR-PCM are not significantly different, WR-PCM is cooler and more comfortable than WR. 11.18.3 Fabric dependence. Ends per inch : The number of warp thread per inch is called ends per inch. g/cm3 to milligram/cubic metre 10.7); needle eye – this is threaded with the sewing thread; scarf – the flattened part of the needle, so designed to enable the sewing mechanism (in the case of a lockstitch, the sewing hook) to pick up a loop of the sewing thread and thus form a stitch (Fig. The aim of this chapter is to: study the thermal and moisture transport properties of fabrics used to make the selected tennis wear; investigate the influence of time and type of tennis wear on human subjective perception of various sensations through a series of wear trials; study the distribution of individual sensation pairs at different time periods; identify the dimension of clothing comfort by using statistical factor analysis; develop a prediction model for clothing comfort on the basis of different sensory factors. In their study, they compared two types of water-repellent fabrics. 1 kilogram/cubic meter is equal to 0.001 g/cm3, or 1.0E-6 kg/cm3. Karl Mayer have an eight-guide bar raschel for knitting medium-weight nets in E 6 to E 9, in a yarn count range of dtex 3000 to 6000, at a speed of 400 to 500 courses per minute. The SI derived unit for density is the kilogram/cubic meter.

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